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Something to get our teeth into... Vampomime health and safety icons!

Something to get our teeth into... Vampomime health and safety icons!

After the widely appreciated success of the artwork we designed for the Belgrade Theatre's production of Vampomime, we were asked to create fun icons to promote the show. We illustrated health and safety style icons, drawing from the productions' humour, that were used on performance information handed out at the show and across social media via Instagram.

Health & Safety Briefing

Ladies and Gentleman, on behalf of the Belgrade Theatre we would like to welcome you to this evening’s performance of Vampomime. For your own safety and security, we would ask that you take a moment to familiarise yourself with the following Health and Safety information. 

Before entering the theatre, please ensure that all flesh is fully concealed. For your own safety, boob tubes, tank tops and miniskirts are strictly forbidden* 
*excludes weekends in Coventry

Upon arrival at the theatre, we strongly advise that you familiarise yourself with our
in-house restaurant menu where steaks can be purchased for the very reasonable rate of £12.95. For maximum safety, we strongly recommend the garlic butter accompaniment.

In the event of an unexpected outbreak of bloodlust, the houselights will be activated by a member of our Production team. Emergency sunglasses have been made available for your own protection. Please ensure that your sunglasses are securely fitted before helping others. 

If apprehended by a vampire during this evening’s performance, we strongly urge you to show them your cross

In case of an emergency, holy water and a copy of the King James Bible are located underneath your seats. To activate the holy water, sprinkle liberally in the direction of the undead and hold the bible in front of your face. 

In the highly unlikely event of sustaining injury by vampire attack, ancient folklore recommends that you drink the ashes of a burned vampire as an antidote. Please ask our friendly catering team for more details. 

In the case of sustaining puncture wounds to the neck, arms or chest, emergency plasters can be purchased from a member of our Front of House team. In cases of light maiming, decapitation, or moderate goring, a full refund will be issued upon presentation of a valid doctor’s note. 

Upon leaving the auditorium, we would appreciate if any ‘protective silver’ in the form of loose change be deposited in the collection boxes provided. All monies raised will go towards safeguarding the future of audiences future audiences at the Belgrade.