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How easy is it to sell homes online? Merrick Binch get it right!

How easy is it to sell homes online? Merrick Binch get it right!

Housing sales and letting is a fiercely contested industry that has become even more competitive online over the past few years. With the rise of Rightmove and other big players, such as and 'Sarah Beeny's' Tepilo, it is more important than ever to have an easy-to-use and accessible website.

Merrick Binch are a Coventry based estate and letting agent with an amazing record for selling homes fast and at a competitive rate. Their previous website didn't reflect this, it was hard to navigate and worse still the properties could only be seen via Rightmove.

Our team quickly pulled out the best selling points of the business and created a user journey that pointed potential customers to one of three key options: BOOK A FREE VALUATION, PROPERTIES TO BUY or PROPERTIES TO RENT.

The website was designed using WordPress to enable Merrich Binch to blog about market trends and give sales and lettings advice to their potential customers. The result is a site that looks fresh and vibrant where the user is always one click away from a contact form.

As part of our work, we created an infographic of business perfomance, which compared Merrick Binch's annual sales results to the adverage Coventry market. This was handed out at valuations and also displayed on the website, creating a compelling case for customers to use Merrick Binch to sell their home.

It’s been a pleasure to work with Create Onsight. They quickly understood what we needed and delivered above and beyond our expectations. The results are fantastic. I really enjoyed the whole design process and would strongly recommend them.
— Trevor Binch