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Wall art vinyls designed by Create Onsight for packaging perfectionists Firstan

Wall art vinyls designed by Create Onsight for packaging perfectionists Firstan

Firstan is the UK’s leading independent carton packaging manufacturer. Firstan produce over 500 Million cartons annually at their impressive facility in Cambridgeshire, primarily serving the Pharmaceutical and Food retail industries.

Create Onsight were commissioned to 'brighten up' the blank white walls in the office areas of the building whilst demonstrating the companies vision, values and product offer. Leigh Cunningham, Creative Director at Create Onsight explains the process:

"We worked with the client to identify the various touch points that a client goes through to achieve a perfect piece of packaging - starting at reprographics and finishing with quality control and finally delivery. We wanted to take people through the whole process so that they could understand just how complicated it is to create something that looks so effortlessly good.

We came up with the idea of using wall vinyls as they can be applied to any flat surface, giving us the opportunity to add messaging all around the building, from the canteen to finance. The result is a modern, bright and vibrant feel as you walk around the building. Feedback has been very positive with both staff and customers. We were initially commissioned to design 7 vinyls but as the project was so successful we later designed and fitted another 5.”

Create Onsight are a graphic design, web design and branding agency based in Coventry with clients across the midlands and the country. For more information on products and services, or for an informal discussion on how we can help your brand look great and increase sales, contact Leigh Cunningham on 024 7664 0257 or email