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Create impact and generate more sales with a new e-commerce homepage design

Create impact and generate more sales with a new e-commerce homepage design

It's more important than ever to keep your website feeling fresh, up-to-date and stocked with the latest products, especially in the competitive field of online sales. Creating impact for your website doesn’t always mean starting from scratch! is the UK’s leading online cufflink shop. They stock an extensive collection of over 3,000 products ranging from original cufflinks for birthdays, weddings and anniversaries to personalised, novelty cufflinks and accessories.

Create Onsight were tasked to re-design the homepage of the website to introduce hot links to priority products and seasonal offers to help increase sales. We created a bright, approachable and product focused look that would appeal to the primary target male audience. We developed 6 tiers of hot links on the homepage to enable flexibility of usage going forward whilst enabling the user to navigate quickly to the products they are looking for.

The design also carries on into the category click through pages helping to re-assure the user that they are in the right place for the product they require. Part of the process included the design of ‘Sports Range’ logo used as a visual reference to help categorise products of a similar nature. If you don’t see something you like in the ‘Cricket Range’ why not take a look at our ‘Rugby Range’!

The website design process is a simple, low-cost yet highly-effective way of creating a new buzz for your website.

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