A beautiful, responsive website designed by Create Onsight for Penso.

How does it work?

If you want to push your customers’ mobile and tablet buttons, there are a great number of factors to consider. From loading times to font sizes, to understanding which bits of your website visitors may want to access when they’re on the run, mobile responsiveness means thinking carefully about every aspect of a visitor’s mobile experience. We ensure:

1. Images with significant loading times are kept to a minimum, keeping visitors’ data costs low and speeding up their mobile experience.

2. Sites are built to adjust to any screen size. There’s no need to spend precious time zooming in, zooming out and painstakingly navigating a page. When the user is at the bottom of a page there is a 'back to top' function to reduce scrolling.

3. Design of navigational links are clear, even without the hover or mouse-over feature of a desktop computer.

4. Key information is as accessible as possible via mobile. This could mean careful analysis of mobile visitor flow, a slicker mobile menu and an alternative mobile site architecture.

5. Are you ready for the smart pad and mobile revolution?

Industry insiders have been shouting about the revolution of online retail for years now, but the figures have only recently started to speak for themselves. If you’re not accessible via smartphone or tablet, you’re missing out on an increasingly valuable revenue stream. It’s time to future-proof your website with the help of Create Onsight.

For a seamless, responsive, web-to-mobile-to-tablet experience, talk to an expert at our Coventry office today. Get in touch on 024 7664 0257 or drop us an email at design@createonsight.co.uk

Design of clear navigation links making the site easy to use.

Penso website desktop version.

A slick and professional and an easy-to-use mobile platform.

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