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It's all about the product! A stylish design for Cufflinkman.

It's all about the product! A stylish design for Cufflinkman. is the UK’s leading online cufflink shop. They stock an extensive collection of over 3,000 products ranging from original cufflinks for birthdays, weddings and anniversaries to personalised, novelty cufflinks and accessories.

Create Onsight have worked with Cufflinkman over the past few months helping to redesign our homepage, banners and imagery across the website to promote various offers and new product lines. Our latest work was to design a new product catalogue style, to be used initally as a leaflet, which over time will expand to a larger document that is mailed along with orders to customers.

The aim of the design was to include as many products as possible without over cluttering the page. We used imagery of shirts and suits to give the buyer suggestions of what cufflinks to buy with certain outfits. This concept will be developed over the next few months with a bigger catalogue planned in time for Christmas.

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Below: Website banners designed to help promote new product lines and offers on the Cufflinkman website.

Below: Design of a 'Batman v Superman' website banner in the run up to the film of the same name being released March 2016.