"Mangrove Data is a Data Management Consultancy based out of the West Midlands in the UK. We have experience in Data Architecture and Strategy, Master Data Management, Data Warehousing, Data Quality, Business Intelligence, Azure Cloud services and SharePoint.
We are highly professional and focused on delivering products and services that bring value to the client (and repeat business for us)."

Create Onsight were approached to create a new brand and website for Mangrove Data that projected a fresh, interesting and creative approach for their business. The brief was to include iconography that hinted at both data streams and growth inspired from the business name ‘Mangrove’. The chosen logo not only includes both of these aspects but also a subliminal ‘M’ in the data stream icon arrangement.

The use of grey and green creates a striking and modern colour palette that was also carried across stationery, business cards and a new website.

Are you interested in a new brand, logo or website for your business? Take a look at our process below and some of the ideas we went through to get to the final design.

Our concepts

A snapshot of how we work:
Below are various concept options that were designed on the way to the final chosen logo.

Concept One

Concept Two

Concept Three

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