At Ross’s funeral, the wrong people are saying the wrong things. Even the music’s wrong. Determined to do “something proper, something real, something Ross would’ve wanted”, his best friends: Kenny, Sim and Blake, decide to do a runner with his ashes. They’re taking him to Ross in Scotland, to fulfil his lifelong wish of being Ross in Ross.

Our teenage heroes embark on an epic mission to honour their friendship and to make sense of what’s happened. Their need to put things right takes them on a chaotic, emotional and often darkly comic, pilgrimage north. Along the way, their unity is threatened as uneasy truths are realised.

The brief from the Belgrade Theatre was to design show branding and artwork that reflected the journey four boys went on to honor their friend. The artwork is a montage of a photoshoot image of four boys on the streets of Coventry overlaid by an image of a road in Scotland. The result is a powerful and striking image that captures the feeling of adventure and friendship. The design was translated into large format outdoor advertising, printed materials and was used online to promote the production.

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