"The Belgrade’s annual alternative pantomime returns to B2 this Christmas in the shape of Private Dick Whittington – a film noir spoof, loaded with so many bad jokes it’s ri-dick-ulous!

Private Dick is in a tight spot – there’s a dead dame in his office and he’s lost a suitcase full of cash. But with the help of a talking cat, a mysterious mayor and a haphazard hypnotist, he might just find the clues he needs.

Expect an avalanche of punishing puns and groan-worthy gags as our hero chases a stolen gemstone whilst battling sudden shipwrecks and suspicious snake-charmers. From the Coventry docks to a Moroccan palace - almost every expense has been spared in this jolly yuletide jape, designed especially to amuse and delight groups of grown-ups.

If you want a fun-filled night out away from the kids this Christmas, then this is the night for you! The show lasts around an hour, so it leaves plenty of time to complete your evening with a few celebratory drinks!"

The Belgrade Theatre Coventry's brief was to design show branding and artwork that reflected the fun and humorous side to their Christmas production entitled Private Dick Whittington. We designed the show artwork to appeal to a fun loving audience, blurring the boundaries between classical Christmas imagery and a film noir style bumbling detective!

The finished design was translated into posters, outdoor advertising, flyers, banner stands and online website banners for social media.

See below how we created the final artwork by a montaging various images together.

The final artwork

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